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0844 numbers are increasingly being used by businesses as sales lines or customer service hotlines…

New consumer law banning ‘premium rate helplines’ (084x and 087x Numbers) comes into effect later this year (13 June 2014). For more information please click here.


  • Calls cost 5p per minute from BT landlines (inc. VAT)
  • Minimum 1.5p per minute rebate on your inbound calls
  • Standard numbers are FREE to set-up
  • FREE Online Access
  • No Minimum Contract – cancel anytime
  • Quality Tier-1 Network
  • 24/7 Freephone Tech Support
  • No change to your existing telephone number(s)
  • No hidden costs or additional charges
  • Choose your number and order online today

Connection Fee (one-off)

Standard Numbers – FREE
Memorable Numbers – Prices start at £19.95

Monthly Service Charge

Free of charge

Inclusive Minutes


Revenue Outpayment (rebate)

Minimum 1.5ppm at all times.
Higher rebates are available for qualifying organisations.
Contact us for more information.

Divert to Mobile Option

Subject to status all New numbers may be diverted to UK mobiles.
Additional charges apply.
Click here for more information.

What does the Caller pay?

Calls cost 5p per minute from BT landlines (inc. VAT). Other networks may vary. Calls from Mobiles may cost up to 40p per minute or more (tariff dependant).

Customers expecting large numbers of calls from mobiles may wish to consider using 03 numbers instead.

Cost of receiving calls?

Free of charge. Please note Divert to Mobile calls would be charged separately at the applicable mobile rate.

Terms apply. All prices exclude VAT unless stated.

What are 0844 numbers?
0844 numbers are increasingly being used by businesses as sales lines or customer service hotlines.

Unlike normal landline numbers, 0844 numbers are not tied to one specific area of the UK. Calls are simply pointed to an existing landline number.

How long does it take to set up an 0844 number?
During the working week orders normally go through in under 30 minutes.

Upon receipt of your order one of our advisors will contact you to confirm your instructions and answer any queries you may have.

We will contact you again when your service is live.

Please wait for this confirmation before promoting your new number(s).

How do I get paid (revenue generating numbers only)?
Each month you will receive a statement showing your account balance. As long as your balance exceeds £10 the payment advice section of your statement will advise you to raise an invoice for the amount due. Unclaimed balances and balances below this threshold are carried forward to subsequent months.

Should you have any queries regarding your account balance or require more information about this or any other aspect of your account please contact Customer Services on 0800 505 3210  9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

Are 0844 numbers for everyone?
No. 0844 numbers are only suitable for business use and not for domestic use.

N.B. 0844 numbers may not be suitable for companies expecting a large amount of calls from certain ‘at risk’ sections of society e.g. the elderly or people on fixed/low incomes.

More Information

Available Numbers

Connection Fee - As indicated
Service Charge Free of charge

Please tick your selected number(s) in the list below.
  • 0844 245 1133 - £99.00
  • 0844 245 1155 - £99.00
  • 0844 245 1122 - £99.00
  • 0844 801 9782 - £9.95
  • 0844 801 9783 - £9.95
  • 0844 801 9784 - £9.95
  • 0844 801 9788 - £29.95
  • 0844 801 9789 - £9.95
  • 0844 801 9793 - £19.95
  • 0844 801 9795 - £19.95
  • 0844 801 9796 - £29.95
  • 0844 801 9798 - £29.95
  • 0844 801 9799 - £49.95
  • 0844 801 9773 - £9.95
  • 0844 801 9775 - £9.95